The Potters

the founders

Dave & Pat Eitel
Dave & Pat Eitel

Dave and Pat Eitel founded Cedar Creek Pottery in the Spring of 1978.  During the 29 years the shop was under their care it became one of Wisconsin’s leading clay-oriented galleries.  Today the shop features pottery by Dave as well as by dozens of U.S. potters, including many from Wisconsin.  The Eitels retired from the retail part of their business in January of 2007, but Dave continued to create work for the shop until 2017.

Pots waiting to be fired
Pots waiting to be fired
Dave Eitel throwing a pot
Dave Eitel throwing








Andee Warren throwing pottery

the owner

Andee Warren continues the tradition begun by the Eitels to bring together an amazing collection of artists and craftspeople. Adding her own pottery and ceramic sculpture to the mix, Andee also brought back the long dormant onsite studio.  Visitors can sometimes catch Andee creating at her wheel and she often gives demonstrations during special events.  Andee also offers pottery lessons in the studio.

Chip & Dip
Speaker Pot
Andee Warren brings mud to technology with the Speaker Pot. Pump up the Volume without burning up your battery.









 Featured Potters


Jason Silverman Ceramics

Rhode Island School of Design trained artist Jason Silverman creates forms on the wheel with a combination of traditional techniques and his own contemporary vision.  He has been influenced greatly by Chinese Chun Dynasty pottery forms and glazes.  To order his work, visit our online shop or email us.

Hilborn Pottery

Large Curly Bowl & Edamame Dish
Large Curly Bowl & Edamame Dish

For over 20 years Nancy Hilborn has created innovative, colorful, funtional and handmade designs.  The many functional uses of Hilborn pieces, in an array of selected patterns, allows not only for collective art but also for unique presentation of fine food and drink.  To find out more or order, visit our online shop or email us.



Bill Campbell Studios


Bill Campbell's Crystalline Iris Vase
Bill Campbell’s Crystalline Iris Vase

One of the most popular lines in our shop is pottery by Pennsylvania potter Bill Campbell.  We carry an extensive line of his work in our gallery, some of which is shown here.  Anything from the Campbell Catalog can also be ordered from us.  Email for more information or visit our online shop.

Bill Campbell's Crystalline Cookie Plate
Bill Campbell’s Crystalline Cookie Plate


Bill Campbell's Carved Dinnerware
Bill Campbell’s Carved Dinnerware


Loren Lukens

Loren Lukens Low Bowl Rust
Loren Lukens Low Bowl Rust

For a contemporary spin on traditional pottery, take a look at Loren Lukens’ exceptional altered pottery.  His work is both functional and decorative with bold, dynamic glazes that create a focal point at any meal or in any room.  To order email us.


and more… Cedar Creek Pottery offers the artwork of over 30 Wisconsin artists, 30 more US artists and 6 Canadian artists.